Bad Credit Auto Loans in Slidell (LA)

Forget driving from lender to lender, submitting credit applications. We can get you approved in less time. Our industry-leading network of Louisiana dealers and lenders is standing by, waiting for your application. Apply online, and your online application will enter our leading-edge placement system. There we’ll match you to a lender given where you live, your finances, your down payment, and other factors.

Poor credit is often a roadblock to financing, but not with us. A large number of large dealerships now have entire sales teams specifically for “special financing.” Such establishments are commonly called Slidell bad credit car dealerships, and we have tons of them in our network. Yes, poor credit scores mean higher rates of interest, which means it’s crucial for you to opt for an inexpensive vehicle with affordable payments. You’ll probably have your application placed with a dealer or lender in Slidell that specializes in bad credit. These companies report to the credit bureaus. This is great if you want to rebuild your credit. There are no obligations when you use our service, and no headaches. Just apply online, and we’ll find you a bad credit auto loan in Slidell that will get you behind the wheel.

Car Loan Pre-Approval in Slidell: What Size Loan?

The table that follows shows how much you can borrow, given a monthly income of $2,293, the average in Slidell. These numbers are merely estimates. You may be eligible for a different amount. Speak with a vehicle finance agent to find out more.

Credit Income Factor Amount
Great Credit 10 $22,930
Average Credit 9 $20,637
Temporary Bad Credit 8 $18,344
Poor Credit 7 $16,051
Horrible Credit 6 $16,051

To see how much you can borrow, multiply your monthly income by the applicable income factor.

Financing a Car with No Down Payment

Down payments can be paid in cash or via trade-in, and typically cover anything from 5-20% of the vehicle’s sticker price. They tend to be required of people with a subpar history of debt payment. The reason is simple: financing consumers with bad credit is a much riskier proposition, and a down payment helps to ensure that some percentage of the loan has already been secured. The good news is that, as the economy gets better, more dealers and lenders will be offering auto loans in Slidell with no down payment.

Our approval platform will probably help you find a dealer or lender who wants to fund your loan, whether you have a down payment or not.

Slidell Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

Buy here pay here financing is commonly known as:

  • We Finance
  • Rent to Own
  • Tote The Note
  • Your Job is Your Credit

Dealers like these work with consumers that have been rejected by conventional loan providers. Payments are made to the dealership, sometimes weekly, and the vehicles are typically priced at less than $10,000.

Having said that, most of these car lots are unable to help customers re-establish their credit. More often than not, it is advisable to apply online, so we can find you a car loan in Slidell that has better rates and terms.

Slidell-Specific Income, Credit Statistics

Below are some average statistics for residents of Slidell.

  • Gross Salary: $2,293 Monthly
  • Average Car Payment: $252 (11% of Income)
  • Recommended Monthly Payment: $183 to $229 (8%-10% of Income)

Have you ever wondered about the credit scores of your community as a whole? We’ve estimated how many Slidell consumers fall into each credit tier.

FICO Score % of Population Residents
300-499 2% 1,520
500-549 5% 3,799
550-599 8% 6,078
600-649 12% 9,117
650-699 15% 11,397
700-749 18% 13,676
750-799 27% 20,514
800-850 13% 9,877