Take a Healthy Approach to Finances as the Family Grows

People who are born in winter love to party, and those who are born in February have plenty of reasons to celebrate.  According to some university studies, the time of year we’re born affects many aspects of our character and physical characteristics.  Some recommend that new parents know what impact their child’s birthday will have on their season-of-birth effect, so they are prepared later in life for moodiness that might be triggered by the changing seasons.

Most adults are familiar with seasonal affect disorder, or SAD, but what they may not know is that the propensity for it might start in utero and be related to the way we respond to light in the womb.  We tend to think of pregnancy as a little baby growing in a dark and mysterious place, but babies can discern light and move about freely as they develop.  In the latter stages of development, they see and hear, and respond to light.  Studies have shown that children born in the spring and summer are more likely to be affected by SAD than those born in winter.  Winter babies are used to lower levels of sunlight and brighten up even more as spring and winter approaches, but for spring and summer babies, it may be the opposite.  No matter the time of year your child is born, there will be extra expenses associated with it.

That’s why it is a smart idea to provide your baby with the nutritious and economical formula Similac provides.  Using the formulas on a regular basis need not be a burden on the families’ budget and won’t be when you use a similac coupon from Groupon.  Not only will you provide newborns with the optimum nutrition for their developing brains and bodies, but you’ll keep a little more money in your wallet.  You’ll save 10% off every purchase when you sign up for repeat orders.

Just as adults need to be aware of their vitamin D levels at various times of the year, so should you consider this when planning your baby’s diet.  Once born and for the rest of its life, when the seasons change, their moods probably will too.  If you’re concerned about the expenses of your growing family, signing up for the service offered by Similac that will auto ship supplies according to your timetable is the smart thing to do.  This saves money at a crucial time and helps ease the burden of adding a child to the family budget.


Shreveport, NOLA Lead Nation in Auto Loans!

It seems auto loan availability is alive and well in the South.
Several of the top 10 locations with the most auto loan debt are in the
Heart of Dixie, along with a few locations scattered on the east coast,
according to a list compiled by Manilla.com. In fact, the two cities with the highest debt are right here in Louisiana:  Shreveport and New Orleans.

are various reasons given for this phenomenon, but it seems the common
theme is a stronger economy in the South. Encouragingly, it also seems
that while auto loan debt is up, the number of delinquencies on these
loans is down. We can hope that the economy is bouncing back, one state
at a time, beginning with the Heart of Dixie! Of course, if you need to finance a car in Shreveport, or anywhere in the Pelican State, we’re here to help!

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First Castle FCU Auto Loans: 3.45% APR!

Despite the struggling economy, buying a new car is possible for everyone thanks to First Castle Federal Credit Union. For a limited time, you may be able to get a loan for as low as 3.45-percent. As long as there’s no more than 5,000 miles on a 2010 vehicle or newer, you can apply for this super low rate. All you need is to pass a credit check and you could be behind of the wheel to a great vehicle at an amazingly low rate.

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GM’s Screening Test under Scrutiny Following Vehicle Fire

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has fixed its thoughtless focus on General Motors Co. after it had learned of some of the American carmaker’s sedans catching fire. Specifically, NHTSA is trying to learn whether or not GM’s screening stress tests are adequately effective.

The probe into the stress tests comes just two months following GM’s recall of nearly 43,000 2013 model year Chevrolet Malibu Eco cars and 2012 and 2013 model year Buick Regal and LaCrosse sedans to fix circuit boards that could possibly overheat and start fires. The minor risk posed by the faulty circuit boards is that they could lead to engine stalls. GM says that it has not received any reports of accidents, injuries, or deaths caused by the circuit boards.

NHTSA says the stress-test probe is needed because the reported fires have brought “into question whether or not the procedure can effectively identify a defective (control module).”